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Accounting Services Prices List - PRICE LIST FOR  SP. Z O. O.

Accounting Services:
Number of documents Net Price Period
0 - 10 PLN 400 month
11 - 40 PLN 700 month
41- 100 PLN 1000 month
101 - 150 PLN 1500 month
151 - 200 PLN 1700 month
201 - 300 PLN 2000 month
301 - 500  PLN 3500 month
501 +                                     PLN 4.50     for each document exceeding 501 pcs

Accounting and Payroll Services:
 Number of Employees Net Price Period  
1 - 10 PLN 40  month
11 - 20 PLN 37 month
21 - 30 PLN 35 month
31 + PLN 30 month                                                 

Other EU countries to run business, incorporation conditions.



Option 1. Registration based on a power of attorney certified by a notary public.
To register a company one must have a power of attorney certified by a notary public and copies of passports (national + foreign)
Cost of registration in a basic package (1 founder and 1 director, legal address of the registered seat and contact person, all stamp duties, notary fees) amounts to EUR 2100
+ each subsequent founder EUR 150
Period – from obtaining the power of attorney – 10-12 business days.

Option 2. Company registration based on e-residency (card cost EUR 100, period – 1.5 month)
The package cost is EUR 1500.
It includes: an online conference concerning the company registration, legal address for a period of 1 year, stamp duties payment, preparation of incorporation documents, and assistance in opening a bank account in fintech banks, 2 hours of consultations.
Period – within 2-3 days (provided that the card is in possession).
From the beginning of the second year providing services for the company will amount to EUR 450 (registered seat address and contact person)


Cyprus Registering company in Cyprus

Cyprus – an European jurisdiction with attractive tax regulations that has a number of advantages concerning tax planning.
Advantages from registering company in Cyprus:

✓ It is a part of the European Union since 2004;
✓ Legal persons tax rate – 12.5%, one of the lowest in Europe;
✓ Double taxation avoidance agreements concluded with over 40 countries (including Ukraine);
✓ Use of all benefits for a European company trading with other companies registered in the European
Union ( EU VAT);
✓ Dividends obtained in Cyprus and abroad are income tax free;
✓ There is no income tax imposed on various operations involving shares and securities;
✓ Convenient and fast company registration procedure;
✓ No limitations concerning company share capital;
✓ Possibility to grant a stay permit for all company directors and members of their families.
List of documents required to register a private company.

Every person connected with the company (Beneficiary, Director/Secretary, Shareholder, Plenipotentiary) must provide:
1) Passport/ID (preferably passport) certified by an auditor or bank as a public notary;
2) Confirmation of registration address (utilities bill) certified by an auditor or bank as a public notary;
3) Bank recommendation letter;
4) Signed and dated CV;
5) Filled out the client registration questionnaire (KYC).
Company registration procedure in Cyprus

1) Determination and initial acceptance of the company name* (1 business day);
* Not included in the company registration price.
2) Approval of the name by the Registrar of Companies (3-4 business days);
3) Filling out and signing the KYC questionnaire by the beneficiary;
4) Submitting Due Diligence documents for the beneficiary and signatories (passport,
registered address in passport or utilities bill, etc.);
5) Determination of the Company structure (team of directors, shareholders, a secretary, company registered address);
6) Entering the Company into the Registrar of Companies (7-10 business days);
7) Signing the Indemnity Letter by the beneficiary;
8) Legalization of documents received from the Registrar of Companies (4 certificates and a memorandum);
9) Obtaining other necessary documents * (declaration of trust, power of attorney based on apostille, etc.) 1-2 business days.
First year:
✓ Official verification of name * - EUR 100
* There exists a list of already approved companies.
✓ Registration of company, including first year of service – EUR 3800
✓ Annual Registrar of Companies fee EUR 380 (including administrative fee in the amount of EUR 30). This is a stamp duty.
✓ Courier – EUR 100

Second and consecutive years:
✓ Yearly extension – EUR 1900
✓ Annual Registrar of Companies fee EUR 380 (including administrative fee in the amount of EUR 30).
✓ Courier – EUR 100

Initial package includes the following documents:

1. Certificate of Incorporation in English with legalization;
2. Certificate of the Registered Office issued by the Registrar of Companies with legalization confirming the company address;
3. Certificate of the Director&Secretary issued by the Registrar of Companies with legalization;
4. Certificate of the Shareholders issued by the Registrar of Companies with legalization;
5. Company Deed and Statute in Greek with legalization (Memorandum and Articles);
6. Statement comprising of copies of 4 certificates, a copy of the Company Deed and Statute in Greek and English translation of the Company Deed and Statute (Affidavit);
7. One Power of Attorney for 1 year period with legalization;
8. Declaration of Trust;
9. Resolution appointing the First Director(s);
10. Guarantee of Non-Trading;
11. Share(s) Certificate(s);
12. Company letterhead;
13. One Company round rubber stamp;
14. Registration of the Company as a taxpayer (TIC);
15. Indemnity Letter in two copies (both should be signed and certified by a witness; one copy is returned to the office)


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